Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why I love my Tie-Bright VixSkin Mustang: A photo essay

 It can be ridden hard and put away wet without mutating, morphing, or melting. And by ridden hard, I mean a soap-less wash + sterilize cycle in the dishwasher, and by wet I mean...wet.

 The base is this GORGEOUS pearlescent white with blue highlights I cannot get my camera to pick up for the life of me.

The colors  are awesome from every angle. And I adore the fact that both the Corpus spongiosum and frenulum are visible and anatomically correct.


Just...Just look at how regal it is. All hail the king of Panda's dildo collection. Reigning over vaginas, mouths, and anuses alike with it's squishy yet stiff, unfailingly squeezable 6.5 insertable inches. looks goddamn good with a RodeoH harness and lace. 

It bears mentioning that I purchased this myself, with my own money, for my own enjoyment. My VixSkin Mustang is Tie-Bright, but it also comes in Fluor-a-Green (discontinued), Fluor-a-Pink (SheVibe), Black and Pink (Babeland), and three flesh tones that are available at either store if you prefer the realistic penis colors. 
If you want to read a real review (as opposed to my love letter) before you make your purchase, Epiphora has one here

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